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Appointments are by advance reservation only.
Please contact us by phone first.
Lotus Clinic is
the first Japanese medical clinic in Vietnam.
While providing the high-standard Japanese medical services,
we welcome you with attentive care and hospitality.

First Japanese Medical Clinic in Vietnam

We guarantee you the excellent Japanese medical services while living in or visiting Vietnam.

Resident Japanese Medical Doctors

Japanese medical doctors and Vietnamese doctors provide you with various medical services with the same quality as in Japan. We treat you cooperating with the Japanese and Vietnamese staff in order to relieve your concerns about health problems.

Japanese Medical Services

Lotus clinic provides you with the Japan standard high quality medical services while Japanese medical doctors and nurses attend you together with the Vietnamese staff.
Visit our clinic just like when you go to hospital in Japan.

As your primary care doctor in Vietnam, it is our role to provide health-care for your family. Not only a medical examination, but also medical treatment, intravenous drip (IV), prescription, major tests are conducted within our clinic.

Japanese clinic atmosphere is another feature of Lotus Clinic with the relaxing sofa, hallways in well-poised tone of colors, and white color-based clean and bright treatment room. Visit our clinic and you will feel relaxed in body and spirit in our caring atmosphere. Kids’ play room and nursing & changing room are also available.

Safe Vaccination

It is essential to receive protective vaccinations to live abroad safely. We provide you with the necessary vaccinations in Vietnam including simultaneous inoculation. For the schedule and other inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

Medical Service Partners

After the Lotus Clinic doctors consult with you, we introduce the specialists when necessary. When hospitalization is required, we support you to find the appropriate medical facilities.

Our partner hospitals are located in Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, and Singapore and we support you in the transfer procedures.


Ho Chi Minh

  • The Lancaster bldg., 22 Le Thanh Ton St., Dist.1, HoChiMinh
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  • info@lotus-clinic.com


  • No.1+No.2, D2 bldg., Giang Vo St., Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi
  • (024)38170000
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